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Six parameters you need to know when buying Teflon heat shrinkable tubes


Teflon heat-shrink tubing is not an important device in the manufacture of electric motors, new energy vehicles, rail transit, aerospace appliances, etc., but it plays an important role in some designs. It is necessary to purchase a suitable Teflon heat shrinking. Tube, understand that its parameters are the basic conditions, today we will understand the basic parameters of Teflon heat-shrink tubing.

      1, Teflon heat shrinkable tube inner diameter, size nominal

      First of all, we must understand how to mark the size of the Teflon heat-shrink tubing. We know that the cross-section of the casing is cylindrical and the inner diameter is the diameter of the inner wall of the pipe, that is, the distance between the inner walls. We usually use the letter Φ to indicate Because Φ is used to mark the diameter of the project, and then followed by a number, indicating the value of the inner diameter, the unit is not written by default is MM mm, such as Φ6 Teflon heat shrinkable tube.

      2, Teflon heat shrinkable tube wall thickness

      The wall thickness of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is the thickness of the tube wall, and the inner diameter reflects the size of the tube. What is the wall thickness? Intuitively speaking, it is the thickness of a thing. We know that the role of Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is insulation protection. So the thickness affects the size of insulation protection. We all know that the clothes are thick, so the effect of cold protection is great. The thinness of the clothes is small, so the wall thickness of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube affects its protective ability. Therefore, the thicker the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube, the better its mechanical protection ability. The higher the voltage level.

      3, Teflon heat shrinkable tube heat shrinkage rate

      Teflon heat-shrinkable tube heating will shrink, only the shrinking thing will have this parameter, heat shrinkage rate is also called shrinkage rate, shrinkage ratio, heat shrinkage ratio, Teflon heat shrinkable tube shrinkage multiple, etc. It refers to The ratio of the diameter of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube at normal temperature to the diameter of the TFC heat-shrinkable tube is 1.7:1 and 4:1; the Teflon heat shrinkage Tube heat shrinkage, we continue to understand the wall thickness, like the cowhide ribs, it will lengthen the wall thickness will be thin, the wall thickness will be thick after retraction, the same Teflon heat shrinkable tube shrinks, the wall thickness will increase Large, for the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube, the more important wall thickness refers to the wall thickness after shrinking the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube, because the shrinkage is the protection of our Teflon heat-shrinkable tube. Wall thickness. The heat shrinkage ratio of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube we refer to is the radial shrinkage rate, because in principle, the longitudinal change of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is small and can be ignored.

4, Teflon heat shrinkable tube shrinkage temperature

      On the surface, the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube shrinks and reflects the temperature. We got the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube to heat it. When heated to a certain temperature, the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube began to shrink. As the temperature increased, the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube continued to shrink. This is a gradual change. In the process, we call this temperature the shrinkage temperature, and the Teflon heat shrinkable tube shrinkage temperature ≥ 327 °C.

      5, Teflon heat shrinkable tube rated temperature

      The rated temperature refers to the temperature during normal and continuous operation of the casing, referred to as the operating temperature. The front temperature refers to the temperature at which the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube can be shrunk. The rated temperature is an important parameter for the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube. It is the function of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube and affects its service life. One of the keys is that Teflon heat-shrink tubing will be sold everywhere. In some places, the environment is cold and some places are hot. So it has a certain range of application. The nominal temperature of the product indicates that it is at this temperature. It can be used normally. Once it exceeds the normal use temperature, it will not be able to guarantee the service life. It may not be able to function normally. The rated temperature range of Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is -65°C~260°C.

      6, Teflon heat shrinkable tube color

      The color of the Teflon heat-shrink tubing is milky white and transparent, and the other color Teflon heat-shrink tubing needs to be customized.

      In addition to the above parameters, Teflon heat-shrinkable tube has more professional parameters such as elongation at break, tensile strength, flame retardancy, tear strength, volume resistivity, etc. First, we must understand the heat shrinkage of Teflon. The six most basic parameters of the tube are convenient for us to select the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube.

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