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Significance of Environmental Protection Standard RoHS for Teflon Thermal Shrinkage Pipe


Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is a kind of special heat-shrinkable tube. Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is extruded and sintered with high-quality Teflon PTFE. It has excellent electrical insulation, high flame retardant and self-lubricating properties. Temperature and chemical reagents are resistant to almost all oils and chemicals. Widely used in the automotive, military, aerospace, electronic and chemical industries, today, Wal-Mart Xiaobian introduces the importance of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube environmental protection RoHS.

 The RoHS environmental protection standard for Teflon heat-shrinkable tubing is a mandatory standard set by the EU legislation. Its full name is the Directive on Restricting the Use of Certain Hazardous Components in Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The purpose of this standard is to eliminate the motor. There are 6 substances in lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl and polybrominated diphenyl ether in electronic products, and the content of lead should not exceed 0.1%. If the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is not RoHS-certified, it will cause incalculable damage to the manufacturer. No one cares about the product and loses the market. If the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube enters the other market, it will encounter a high amount. Fines and even criminal detentions may lead to the closure of the entire enterprise.

        How to carry out RoHS certification for Teflon heat-shrink tubing has the following processes:

(1) Download the RoHS test application form on the website of the RoHS Certification Center, and return it after filling in;

(2) Settlement of quotation, after submitting the application, send the sample (or express) to the certification body, the certification body shall reasonably disassemble the sample according to the requirements, and quote and pay for the split quantity and test cost of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube;

(3) Arrange the test for the sample Teflon heat-shrinkable tube. Under normal circumstances, the test is completed within one week.

(4) Release the RoHS inspection report of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube. The delivery method can be obtained by courier, fax, email or the person in charge.

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