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Characteristics of Teflon Thermal Shrinkage Pipe


Teflon, abbreviated as PTFE in China, because of the pronunciation, the trademark "Teflon" is also known as Teflon, Teflon, Teflon, Teflon, Teflon, etc. Both are transliterations of Teflon. Of course, Teflon also has a very strong title: Plastic King! The real thing is as its name, the material and the characteristics must not be compared with the ordinary heat-shrinkable tube. It will be more expensive. The small partners should not only look at the price, but the price is worth the price. It is expensive and expensive. The product is really good. ! Today, Xiaobian introduces the characteristics of Teflon heat-shrinkable tubes.

Teflon heat-shrinkable tube products are generally referred to as "non-stick coatings"; they are artificial synthetic polymer materials that use fluorine to replace all hydrogen atoms in polyethylene. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and various organic solvents, and is almost insoluble in all solvents. At the same time, PTFE has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, its friction coefficient is extremely low, so it can be used as a lubricant for the purpose of lubricating, and it is also an ideal coating for the inner layer of non-stick pan and water pipe, which can be used outdoors for a long time. Teflon is suitable for customers: it has high requirements for engineering and strong acid and alkali in the construction environment. Another characteristic of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is that it can be made into a transparent color. The reason why the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube is transparent is because it is based on the strong acid and alkali resistance of Teflon itself. In the chemical field, the internal fluid of the Teflon heat-shrinkable tube can be conveniently observed.

The characteristics of Teflon heat-shrinkable tube are generally the above. For questions about Teflon heat-shrinkable tube, please call or online QQ consultation.

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